The Rock pays tribute to Paul Walker after the “almost lose it” – Kevin Hart in a car accident


Paul Walker would have been 46 years old on Thursday, the 12th. Unfortunately, the actor from the Fast and the Furious passed away in 2013, when he was 40 and he was on break from the recording of the seventh long-form.

The sun has been a victim of a car accident. In social media, Dwayne Johnson, the Rock, reminded of the year anniversary of Paul Walker, and is also connected to the message, to Kevin Hart, who was seriously injured after also, if you crash on the road.

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“I’ll never be my friend. Something personal, because I prefer to keep all of our memories, and the connection in my heart, and in silence. But something about today caused me to remember how life is fragile for all of us. It’s the anniversary of Paul’s, and in a way, his legacy is celebrated all around the world. My friend has done for our girls, Meadow, her pride, and the protection that we had as parents. And all of a sudden, I freaked out when I almost lost another friend, on the road,” he wrote on the Rock.

Kevin Hart has managed to survive, but it would have been very hurt, according to reports from TMZ. The actor has been released from the hospital after having surgery on his back and staying for 10 days, over and over again. Now, one of the famous passes through the recovery in a nursing home.

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All of this makes me think of how the beautiful but unpredictable, the way life is. We never know what we will find just around the corner, so we just have to live with it the best way we can honor our loved ones and ancestors who are no longer with us. Happy birthday to you, my friend,” said the actor, who is also a part of the franchise, Fast and the Furious.

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This year, The Rock starred in the derived Fast and the Furious: Hobbs, & Shaw, which is currently on show in the cinemas. For a fight with Vin Diesel, the actor won’t be in the Fast and the Furious 9, which arrives in cinemas on the 22nd of may, in the year 2020.