The Rock-you publish exciting video in honor of his father, who died last month – 08/02/2020


Superstar Dwayne Jonhson the Rock, it was in the evening of yesterday, on his Instagram a video of moving tribute to his father Rocky Johnson, died last month.

In the video, he makes a speech and talks about the influence his father in his career and in his personal life. Also shown are images of the ancient of the Rock, as well as The Rock, he made his career in wrestling, and he was a legend in the WWE in the 1980’s.

“You have paved a path to a new, and more difficult, and you have the feeling of hatred that people had against a man of color. Paved the way for me, my family, and for generations to come,” wrote The Rock on the label.

The star also spoke about the love he had for his father, whom he considered his hero.

“You created me with a hand of iron, and of a love that is more complicated. It is a love that is now, as a father and as a man, I have learned how to refine my own kids. I wanted to have more of a chance to say anything else. (…) I love you, and I now have an angel to call her name,” he said.

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