The squad’s 6, which stars Ryan Reynolds, was watched by 83 million people


The Squad Of 6. (Picture: Handout)

Squad 6, action movie directed by Ryan Reynoldsit was released in December of last year, the Netflix and after a couple of weeks, the great results it has been confirmed. The streaming platform has announced that the feature film is directed by Michael Bay it was seen by more than 83 million from the various accounts in his first month in the book.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has changed the way of evaluating the data. Previously, it was accounted for and considered “power-assisted” only in those cases in which 70% of the production is to be seen. However, for a visualization to be considered to be in the film or tv series should be done with the assistance of only a couple of minutes.

Watch the trailer:


The elite group is led by a mysterious man, played by Reynolds. Mélanie Laurent, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Ben Hardy, Adria Arjona, Dave, Frank and the two get into a fight and Then round out the group.

In addition to the team of actors and a member of the team of specialists, the film also features Lior Raz, Peyman Moaadi, James Murray, Yuri Kolokolnikov, Kim Kold, and Michelle Frank.

The sequence?

In an interview with the site, Cinépop, Ryan Reynolds commented on the possibility of returning for a second film. “We will go back for a sequel, because we love each other. This group genuinely loves you, then it will be so much fun if it does happen,” he said on the tape.

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During a conversation with the G1, and the cast was also asked about the follow-up. They talked about the possibility of a new feature to be set in Brazil. “The sequel has to be about saving the Amazon rain Forest. Wouldn’t it be wonderful,” said Mélanie Laurent. They also talked about the diversity of the cast, showing that it can grow even more. “We have been talking about, perhaps, is a brazilian actor, that would be so cool,” said Manuel Garcia-Ruffo.

In a Squad of 6, and the group of individuals is faced with a tyrant leader of a fictional country in the Middle East. “The enemy in the film, it’s not really a real place. It is half-Russian, and east, with cross-references of various kinds. At least, I think that it is the intention of the Michael Bay era, mixing elements and so that there is a culture or a particular country as the target. The enemy is the sort of scheme without a name and without a face,” said Reynolds.

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