The surprise appearance of Brad Pitt on SNL, in the shoes of Dr. Fauci to explain what Trump’s attempt to say” – the Observer


It is one of the figures most important in the lead up to the team to fight for the Covid-19 on united states soil, one whose popularity has soared at the expense of the conference daily from the White House, marked by a serenity, and good sense, that it is not always stated by all those involved in the task force. It’s no coincidence that the “explainer in chief, which is already fixed by Donald Trump, is directly with the NBA all-star, and you have a guy on the team.

In an interview with doctor Anthony Fauci went on to joke: if I had to choose an actor to portray him on Saturday Night Live, the chosen one, would be none other than Brad Pitt, whose fame, in which case the waiver on great shows.

Well, this Saturday evening, Early, he was able to see his wish fulfilled. Brad Pitt made a surprise appearance in the tv format of the show, and he shared a message that, in the role of the doctor — all without getting out of the house, and, of course, with the video being produced, so remote, in view of the limitations posed by the new coronavirus.

“First of all, I would like to thank all of the participants in the americas that have sent me e-mails of support, many of these graphs begins with Pitt, and, in so Early. In the course of the intervention, and no shortage of chips at the Trump, and the fingers pointed to the misinformation about the pandemic. “I would like to explain to you what the president, the Trump was a look to say.”

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The sketch continues with the image of the leader of the north american, and some of the reactions to the episode, one of which was recovering its belief that, “we’re going to have a shot relatively soon,” with that the voice actor for the new mock. And then Trump announced to the world that the virus is going to disappear, as if by miracle, before an Interview/Early, that love can work miracles. The unit was in a bad humor ends with Brad Pitt taking off, in the end, your wig and your glasses, and get a message, there is now a serious of the true dr. Anthony Fauci: “I Thank you for your calm and clear in this gut-wrenching time. And thanks to you, the medical staff, and your families, and those who are on the front line”