These dramatic than Halsey; music video BAPHO of the Jonas Brothers at the hand of his wife, and the single never-before-seen Louis Tomlinson are featured in the “Transactions of the Sixth”; check it out!


The music foreigner is hopping this week! The miss Halsey, released a new studio album “Manic”, with songs written and super emotional. Already, the boys of the Jonas Brothers are in the vibe of the novel film, with their wives at the release of the clip, “What A Man’s Gotta Do”. In addition to this, it also has the debut of Louis Tomlinson’s single ” unheard-of “Walls”!

The good thing is, when the “Transactions of the Sixth” can be seen as a novelty to no one by Caetano Veloso. The singer teamed up with clarinettist Ivan is a Priest in the album “Caetano Veloso & Ivan is a Priest.” All in all, the project has nine shows on the artist, including the classic “You don’t Love Me,” “My voice, my Life” and “the One with Dance Influences”.

Vitão is already in the newcomer’s more than one on the pop charts, with several of the songs, but on this Friday (the 16th), the singer has finally released the “Gold” from his debut album. The project also has special appearances of the singers in Israel, the Day and the colombian is Feid.

After a lot of anticipation and anxiety, “Manic”, the new album from the singer, Halsey, it is between you and us. In this work, the star has used and abused all of her emotions. “To compose this album has been a lesson of forgiveness to myself. Be proud of who I am, and to be gentle with myself, no matter how much the world is designed to make you hate it”, vented on Twitter.

If there’s one thing good that by 2019 he has left us, one of them is, to be sure, the comeback of the Jonas Brothers. They did not stop to release amazing music! The new focus of the trio’s “What A Man’s Gotta Do,” which has already won a video camera, and with the participation of the wives of each and every one of them, Priyanka Chopra, lover, Nick, and Sophie Turner, mozão, Joe and Danielle Jonas, wife, and mother of the children of these years.

The boys of One Direction will also not stop working. After the debut album from Liam Payne and it is the second album from Harry Styles, now is the time, this is Louis Tomlinson. The artist has just released the single ” unheard-of “Walls”.

They want more feat. with Anitta? You have a resounding yes! The muse walked up to the DJ Gabriel do Borel, for the partnership you Play in Your Filly,” a funk with the beat, electronic, and impossible to not dance along with them. Comes to the rest of us.

Think of a partnership that brought together! Steve Aoki and Maluma teamed up for the song “Maldad”, a song that links also to the reggaeton of the columbian with the e in the united states. It is a delight to listen to!

When a song is a classic and works the same with the wine each and every year that goes by, it gets even better!!! And singer’s Principle you can prove it!!! The former lead singer of the Katinguelê song for the song “Inaraí”, with the participation of no less than Dodô, in the group of Hound. The recording is part of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the singer, but one who has gained the gift of the people. The enemy of the bapho!

By this, no-one expected it to be! Without any disclosure or warning, Eminem has released a new album, in the wee hours of this Friday (the 17th)! “Music to be Murdered By,” has 20 tracks and has special appearances from Ed Sheeran, Skylar Grey, and killed .Paak, the one with a band years later with the Iphone WRLD.

Unfortunately for the rapper, Mac Miller, he passed away much too early in the year 2018, the 26-year-old. On the other hand, it has left a big present for its fans: its the music. Launched today, the “Circles” is the album his artist, gathering all the recordings that he had done the work that would be for the follow-up to “Swimming”, published in the year of his death.

After a cause in the country as a whole, with the return of the group Rouge, Karin Hils, who has a career now firmly established as an actress, she decided to give even more flow to the singer, and released her first solo song. “Fire” is the band’s pop super-delicinha, with strong references to R&B and black music. “I must do this for myself as an artist and to my audience as well. So it was that in the course of the year, I was able to prepare for it with care for a particular job, with some part of my DNA and the arts”he told the muse.

With the release of the video of the Fight in the End, Matheus Carrilho shut with a golden key to the project’s “Double-Dose”. On the track, the artist explores the sounds of pagode from bahia, and called on the legions of party-goers who are not able to end the fun, and is always looking for the next target. A great choice for the end of the week, and, you know, weeks?!

More New Titles: It has a rock-and-roll in the Green Day in the song “Oh Yeah”. Meghan Trainor also, there is some news for the fans of the great “Blink”. And to get you in the mood for a big premiere in the cinema, it is already possible to listen to the sound track of the feature “Bad Boys 3”.