to go to the banquet and to the last wish of the Djinn

The Witcher it was one of the biggest releases of the Netflixin 2019 at the latest. The series has won diveros fans all over the world, who are waiting ever longer for the second season. In the first year of the programme has been very focused on the Geraltas interpreted by the Henry Cavilland quite liked by the audience. However, the character that he has committed many errors in the storyline.

As it is, is a witch and bounty hunter, it’s normal for it to take a number of decisions by the conferences and missions, and some of them (or are they too many?) turn out to be big mistakes. To go to the feast and the desire of the Djinnthere are two of the top 5 mistakes Geralt in The Witcheraccording to the Screen Rant.

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It was the feast of Cintra

From time to time, Jaskier call Geralt to keep up with him at a banquet in honor of the marriage of the princess of Cintra. The witch would be in a coma for the artist, for he was a lover of many women of the nobility, who wanted to kill the bard for this reason.

However, it all goes wrong. Geralt he called the attention of the queen of the Cintra and once you get involved with the politics of the kingdom, and, after that, a knight and a mysterious appears and declares that he has the right to marry the princess due to the The law of Surprise.

After the help of the strange man, the wizard gets a reward for it. He chooses to be paid for by the The law of Surpriseand his destiny is changed forever.

“In the beginning of the end.”

The first part of the The Witcherentitled “In the beginning of the end.” it shows a time line that involves a drop from the Cintra and Cirishe is the only one of the nilfgaardianos (in the future), while the second line of the time, follows the adventures of a Geralt in the years leading up to it.

In the Geralt a visit to the small town of Blavikenwhere you see a conflict between, the only way to go Stregobor and a woman named Renfriwhile the two are trying to kill you, and enlist the help of a wizard.

The attempts of the witch to end this conflict, they do so much, that after that Geralt shall be known as the The butcher of Blaviken.

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Let Jaskier go with it

When Jaskier know Geralt in the tavern, none of the future companions of the journey are well-known in the world of The Witcher. Jaskier playing a song that tries to rhyme “brew,” and, “abortion”, the result is that the customers of the tavern they throw food on it, it turns into a meal of him.

However, Jaskier see Geralt while meditating in the corner, he approached it, and after that comes with a wizard to help you kill a demon that terrorizes the local farmers.

This time together Jaskier she composed the music “You Toss The Coin To Your Witcher”who makes it Geralt well-known. But fame comes with a price tag. In the face of the disrespectful dishonesty in the song, the singer responds, “the one about don’t do that.”

It might have been better Geralt to maintain anonymity.

He abandoned himself to fate

It reminds of the moment at the banquet? So, at the moment Geralt it says that it will accept the The law of Surprise as payment, the king of the Cintra it reveals that she is pregnant. The “reward” of the wizard is to the child, call Ciri.

Geralt don’t you have an interest in the care of a child, and then turns his back on that responsibility, and denies one’s own destiny, subject to the The law of Surprise. As you would expect, chaos, and tragedy that take place in the Cintra. When he tries to change his mind, the queen of the Cintra prevent it. A little later, Cintra it falls to the Nilfgaard.

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The last wish of the Djinn

The first book of the The Witcher if you call “The Last Wish” (“The Last Wish” (in Portuguese). The book is so named because Geralt had to deal with a Djinn (a kind of genie of the lamp (s). The moment is in the episode “Repressed desires”.

In accordance with the traditions and stories of the Djinn, Geralt you get three wishes. Just in the last wish, he asks for binding to the target with his Yenneferwhat ensures them to continue to find it a couple of times.

If he had been Yennefer or she’s with him, of course, they would be able to love each other without any of the suffering that is caused by the forcing of a relationship is the change in the target. If you Geralt listen to the wise words of the Xande de pilaresit would be with her always.