Travis Scott, Kid Cudi guarantee the highest debut of the year on Spotify, with “The Scotts”


The most recent collaboration from Travis Scott and Kid Cudi had a new record on Spotify.

We received a ton of great music this Friday, but perhaps the most anticipated release of Travis Scott and Kid Cudi, who released his new collaboration with “The Scotts”. Fans of both artists are looking forward to hearing new music from them this year, and especially Cudi, who recently released “Leaders Of The Delinquents”.

According to reports chartdata, the single debuted at number one on the charts, the global on Spotify, after reaching 7.45 million streams on the 24th of April. The numbers on the first day, the song broke the record for the highest debut of the year 2020 in the platform. This means that the two have made progress, “The ” Time To Die”, the Others Eilish, was launched at the beginning of the year.

Travis Scott debuted the song during his concert at the Fortnite, Astronomical, they also broke a world record. In the event that a Scott drew 12.3 million concurrent players, that came into play during the stream. Of course, with the release of a new single from Travis Scott, and also means that he has more product to the fans. Along with the Cd, cassette and vinyl fans can also get their hands on a new t-shirt, as well as a weapon, Fortnite Nerf on the web site of hip hop music.