Who is Alia Shawkat, the mysterious, the “best friend” of Brad Pitt? Celebrities


Ever since he announced his separation from Angelina Joliein September 2016, the rumors in regard to the relationship of the Brad Pitt if you go on and on. So much so that if you have become a reason of joke in the last season of awards for movies and Television. Behind-the-scenes of the Screen Actors Guild award, a Brad, and the ex-wife Jennifer Aniston they were photographed sharing a warm embrace, a time when it seemed to be more important than the actual ceremony, and even that has become viral in the world of social networking.

At the beginning of the year. At the award ceremony of the golden globe awards Brad Pitt he was honored for his role in the film “once upon a time in Hollywood”. In his speech, and thank you for the award, took the opportunity to mock you about some of the stories circulating in the media, in regards to your love life. “It was to bring my mother, but I couldn’t, because the woman who I am close to say that I am at best, a joke. At the same time, the cameras point to Jennifer Aniston and it is possible to see the reaction to the show.

The more the public will continue to hope, with reconciliation, with Jennifer and Brad, there is also a place of “grievances” on the part of the fans in relation to the identification of the woman who was with the actor on the last day, the 7th of march, at the Wiltern in Los Angeles. However, the mystery has been solved: it is in the show Alia Shawkata woman, having been involved in the world of the arts (theatre, film, television, and music, but will also be active in the actions of the feminists. Considered by many to be the muse of the cinema-the indie and actress he is not afraid of a challenge.

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For the first time Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat they were seen together was to watch a piece of theatre, and in September of 2019 at the latest. After that, however, has already been photographed, together, in a show of stand-up at a private dinner and attend an exhibition of art in Los Angeles. In addition to this, it is important to remember that both of you were a part of the series Arrested Development. All of these approaches in the Mall, and Alia, gave rise to the suspicion that the two might be up to date.

This time, however, it was more of a rumor. “They spent some time together and have similar interests. They are not a couple, and there’s nothing romantic going on. The mall has different friends from all walks of life, and this is one of them. He loves to be with friends, “revealed a source close to the” Brad Pitt at the web site The E!News. For the actor, this is the time to take advantage of the time to have some fun, focus on your career, and spend more time with their children.