‘You do not have a towel’


The users of the social network were surprised by the minimalist design and the “lack” of decoration

The house of the Kim Kardashian and Kanye Westif you become a target of jokes on the internet after a number of the photos show that the interior of the house is almost all white and has very few embellishments or accessories.

The photos of the house and presented in a special article in the magazine Architectural Digest on the cutting-edge architecture and minimalistic style of your blog. According to the couple’s residence, it was meant to be a place of refuge from the world, and the decorations have their own shares of the building.

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“The one thing that I do, and He we had in common was a preference for a neutral palette. I love the simplicity of the design. Everything in the world out there is so chaotico. I have come to a place and immediately feel calm,” he said Kim.

On Twitter, users have made many jokes in the minimalist architecture of your home. In a profile he wrote, “And this is the home of the Kim Kardashianall-white, empty,… does it have a cloth on the table is a schedule of the pharmacy, on the wall, with a table of the psalms”.

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Another user joked about the fact that the house has a few elements of the décor, and you can’t be the target of a break-in.

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The various profiles are also compared with the mansion of the hospital and questioned him as to four of the children are able to live in the white house, and the “empty” and ” without fear or dirtying the inside of it.