You do not understand, ‘Mom!’? Here’s what the director wanted to say with the film, and the significance of the bible in the history of Cinema


The new film from director Darren Aronofsky, “Mom!”, it’s controversial in a lot of ways (read the review). In addition to the scenes of the visceral, and even somewhat frightening, the film stars Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem has generated a heated debate on philosophical issues, like violence against women, and the “what the hell does this movie want to tell you, really?”.

For this reason, the 1 he prepared a series of questions and answers, that is the most unattractive to the general public. After a couple of weeks before the premiere of the production in Brazil, and it is possible that most of them suffer from them too. Because it is self-evident, but it is worth pointing out: it is, of course, that we will be too.

'Just come on in if you'd like a ride on a roller coaster,

‘Just come on in if you’d like a ride on a roller coaster,” says Darren Aronofsky on ‘the Mother!’

The very Aronofsky shows himself to be divided in respect of how to deal with the movie. At the same time, in which he argues that, “Mom!” must be called with a minimum of background knowledge, the film was already exposed to the exhaust the meaning of most of the highlights of the film.

Please see below for the answers to the most common questions in regards to the “Mother”. (with lots of spoilers):

The house itself is a major character in 'Mother!' Jennifer Lawrence — this one's easy. The house itself is a major character in 'Mother!' Jennifer Lawrence — this one's easy.

The house itself is a major character in ‘Mother!’ Jennifer Lawrence — this one’s easy.

Aronofsky had ever worked on a picture straight from a passage in the Old Testament in “Noah” (2014). In “Mother!” he has to hide his message, but resolves to tell the different stories in the Book, from Genesis to Revelation.

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The story of a couple, quiet, in a house in the country, with visits to the unwanted that is actually a parable in the bible.

  • It begins with the creation of the world (reconstruction home)
  • Passing through the flood, the Mother is told that the sink was not in lead)
  • With the birth of Christ
  • And the ending is, of course, at the end of the day (the explosion at the end)

This is at least the message is more direct to the managing director (and screenwriter). But we’ll talk more about it soon.

Who is the character of Jennifer Lawrence?

She plays the mother of the title, and it is, according to the film, which is a mixture of Mother Nature, with an incarnation in the planet Earth. In fact, it even seems to make a lot of distinction in between the two of them.

So much so that she is responsible for the upkeep of the house, a representation of the most physical in the world, and it is directly affected by the assault, the unexpected visitors (which is, of course, their own site).

Who is the character of Javier Bardem?

“I am I”, said the character of the Spanish to the objection of the Mother. So, with a capital letter, same thing. This is because Bardem and interprets It of God, Father of all mankind. So much so that He is the only one to pass on, unharmed by the explosion at the end, and the beginning of a new cycle of creation and destruction.

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And it is also for this reason that the relationship between the couple is such a delicate issue. Frustrated with a lack of inspiration, It brings in the coming of the people into the house, and is inspired by it, even when the Mother is suffering.

This is, of course, is the customization the more cynical of the God of the judeo-christian, ” through the eyes of an atheist, Aronofsky.

And the characters, and Ed Harris, and Michelle Pfeiffer?

The first visitor to the house, it was also the first Man. And, as Harris interprets the man. So much so that her arrival marks the beginning of the series of misfortunes experienced by her Mother.

On the first night of the guest, and myself, Lawrence, in sight of a small wound in the region of the rib cage of the unknown. Of course, the next day, comes out to his wife, the first of its kind.

Michelle Pfeiffer is an Eve, a seductive, thought-provoking and provocative. She insists that he go to all the time in the office with Him, even after all the warnings, that no one can get at it alone.

And this is the couple responsible for the break up of the gem and the glass, and the “charm” of the character, Bardem would be the apple, the forbidden fruit?), in order to get Their anger and rage, thus cast out forever and ever in the Garden of Eden… that is, of the law firm.

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Your children are of Cain (the killer) and Abel (the victim) if it is not clear to anyone.

The baby represents something else?

The fact of being a son, but He wasn’t clue enough, the poor man of Jesus Christ, yet it is given to humanity, and died for them.

“Ah, yes. And it’s one of the scenes of the most appalling, is the Communion (you know, the one where the guys are EATING the body of a child.

It is only in the Bible, then what?

No. Aronofsky also does not hide the fact that the movie has an environmental message is strong. For the more Nature will do the silent agony at the hand of humanity, and for a time it is responding. Things didn’t turn out well for anyone.

There are those who see in the work, a discussion of abusive relationships and violence against women.

What is the remedy for the yellow?

This is the only way that Aronofsky has said that he never will. “You can ask me anything at all. I’ll tell you everything. But that’s it I’m going to take it with me to the grave,” the director said, laughing, during a news conference in Sao Paulo, shortly before the release of the film.