You know what the Avengers is the highest-paid in Hollywood? It is not Robert Downey Jr.


Everyone knows that Marvel Studios got Robert Downey Jr’s. in the most high not only because of its performances and the good as “Iron Man”, but rather the fact that in the first movie, the Gladiator, Golden, and the tone of his interpretation, have paved the way for the Cinematographic Universe, Marvel (MCU, its acronym in English). It has always been fairly compensated financially for this, including participation in the revenue from the box office, and it was expected that he would be the highest paid actor in Hollywood after the Upcoming Deadline — the most profitable film in history, with revenue in excess of US$ 2,78 billion.

But… The reality is different, according to Forbes magazine, which recently released the top 100 celebrities of which the most they have received for their work in the off season. Who is leading on the list is Chris Hemsworth, the “Thor” at a cost of$ 76 4 million, in the 24th position. Robert Downey Jr. it appears with A$ 66-million, while Bradley Cooper, is that they Rocket up TO$ 57 million, and Scarlett Johansson has a fortune of US$ 56 million). Chris Evans, who was the one who had screen time in the Upcoming Deadlinewith an hour and a minute or two, it came to US$ 43.5 million). Paul Rudd has also racked up quite a lot, over$ 41 million.

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It only has one detail in the Forbes list, the total price takes into account the other projects, both inside and outside of their own Marvel Studios — and that’s not to say that Hemsworth necessarily have to have earned more than Downey Jr. in Upcoming Deadlineas many of the sites you are talking about. In any case, the greater sum comes from the movie of the MCU, and the one that came in parallel, it is deeply tied to the popularity of these stars have won it with the hero.

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The investment venture it is worth it to Marvel Studios

According to information from the behind-the-scenes, and the return on investment for Marvel Studios to take into consideration the amount of time the actor is in the role, and his commitment to the “brand name”, which he believed to live out the hero in every possible occasion — even in real-life situations, as we’ve seen many times before.

The veteran rider, Robert Downey Jr. it starts with a trade of$ 20 billion, while the stars, which you have, for example, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, and Chris Evans will leave for the US$ 15 million. Others, such as Paul Rudd, they start at about US$ 8 million). From there, they will also receive any other amounts of money, for contracts involving multiple appearances in the film, and the commitments of promotion.

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Some of this is a percentage of the goods or services. For Upcoming Deadline, Downey, Jr. he closed with a share of 8% of the revenue, which has resulted in a US$ 55 million, plus the$ 20 million that it had originally. Even the minor characters get some slice of it that way. It is worth noting that Hemsworth has more of a film-triggered, I Love and Thunderand perhaps it should appear in the Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3in addition to the series and other feature films from Marvel Studios.

In terms of cost-benefit analysis, it is cost-effective for Marvel Studios since Downey Jr. for example, it has given a return of US$ 36,90 to THE$ 1 paid for his / her salary. Others, such as Rudd, accounted for around US$ 100 back for every$ 1 invested in its cache. “If we had different actors playing the same characters, and it certainly wouldn’t have the strange chemical to see the heroes that you’ve never seen it before, come together on the screen. It would not be part of the fun. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it,” says Kevin Feige.

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Source: Forbes