“You leave the cat in peace.”


The actress Kate Beckinsale he has published, at the end of this week, a video of which has attracted the attention of internet users to its own negative.

To her, it was only in the year 2000, the star of such films as Pearl Harbor and Van Helsing – The Vampire Hunterit has created a controversy by posting on his Instagram, with a video in which you see “wiping the floor” with her Persian cat.

“In keeping with a general in the dust before you Polish, the kettle, the Pomeranian,” said the actress, 46-year-old in the legend of the publication. Immediately, the post was criticized for the way Kate has treated her pet in the video, even though it had been a joke.

“You leave the cat in peace to his narcissistic kind of boring,” wrote one internet user, the most exalted one. “When likes aren’t enough,” said the other. “That woman is trouble,” said another. In a short space of time, the video reached 1.1 million views, viralizando on the internet.

Contrary to popular thought, the criticism continued. “If your house was on fire, I would save the cat and leave it,” he said following her. “The people are strange to-day. The justification for treating the strange to your cat because they think it’s attractive,” he said in another.

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