After a snub at the Grammy awards, Halsey makes the speech emotionally in LOVE by 2019


For many, the Halsey can be considered to be one of the most underrated artists in Pop music today. The owner of several successful, and the performances impressive, she seems to be always below what should be expected in the case of nominations at the major awards shows.

Snub by the Grammy’s in 2020, and assuming that you had been upset at not receiving any indication, Halsey received his first American Music Award on Sunday (the 24th), and when he came out the winner in the category ” Best Pop/Rock, for “Without Me”.

And the acceptance speech for the award, it was very emotional: “I grew up watching shows such as this one, and I was sitting at home, focus on, and look at the artists on these beautiful dresses and gorgeous suits, walking up the stairs to the stage and to hold on to these awards. They are usually gold-colored, and bright and heavy, they are all metaphors, isn’t he?”

“These trophies, which were supposed to be kind of a validation to the devastating work that they put into writing a song and bringing it to life. And, to be quite honest with you, I really do believe in this fairy tale. I bought these for prizes.

When I was a kid, I believed that this win was a great validation to what I would come up here and riria, and would weep, and my fans at home will be very happy because we achieved it together, but the truth is, I’m older now, and I’m also an artist, and apparently I’m doing pretty well… But for the most part these rewards are not what they seem to be, in any way.

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But that’s okay, because I’m up here now, and I’m so grateful for the LOVE, because it is the largest award in the world, as voted for by the fans. And I for one am very grateful to the fans because they are the people who really care about the music. And I’m so grateful to have the LOVE to give these people a voice. I’m going to continue to make music for them and for us. Sometimes, we can grow and all the things that you believed in starts to lose its magic, but the song is never lost [sua magia]because it’s fans of the truth the artists of the true stories and the fact they keep this magic alive.”