After the super bowl, Jennifer Lopez has signed a contract for the international shows


Jennifer Lopez, and Shakira
All-star latino Jennifer Lopez, and Shakira (PHOTO: Playback)

Jennifer Lopez was one of the shows most-watched of the year, and one of the halftime shows at the Super Bowl is the most watched in the history. At the last moment, on the side of the Video, she appeared in a Super Bowl the year 2020.

The reception to the performance, J-LO was such a good thing, it seems that not only in Las Vegas but all over the world, you will have the chance to see her sing, since her “Waiting For Tonight” has signed a deal with Live Nation that includes touring, for a number of years, as reported by Billboard.

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Jennifer Lopez has given to the fans in live performances and spectacular for decades to come, with the dates of the tour sold out, and their place of residence on the Las Vegas strip,” said Brad Wavra, senior vice-president of touring for Live Nation. “The demand to see Jennifer live, it is only growing,” he said. “Live Nation is proud to partner with a world-wide phenomenon over the next few years.”

On the last tour, JLo has been on the “It’s My Party’, which has resulted in A$53.7 million and led to almost 400,000 people, and to see in the world. The idea is to keep up with this type of tour, making it the biggest yet.

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