After you finish with the youtuber, Bella, Thorne uses a sexy photo to meet his new girlfriend.


I saw on Instagram

Bella Thorne wastes no time! A week or so after the termination of your relationship with the youtuber Anne Mongeau, the actress is now looking for a new girlfriend… On the night of Wednesday (6), Bella, he used his account on Instagram to post a photo of the sensual in and of itself, the potbelly’s, is to say that it is in need of a friend.

I need to get a new girlfriend. Who wants to be my girlfriend?”financial crisis she is in the subtitle of the publication is, of course, has been inundated with comments from fans, and if you have been volunteering at the clinic. The strategy of Bella, it makes sense… after all, it was on this social networking site, that she and Anne began to flirt. The relationship seems to have ended on good terms. On Twitter, a fan asked for an explanation at the end of the novel, and Bella, he hesitated: “No, no, we’re not going to do it. Our relationship deserves more respect“.

The confirmation of the breach came last week, when Thorne is apparently tired of questions from followers regarding the status of your relationship. “Anne and I are no longer together, please, please, please stop asking“ he asked her at the time. A youtuber and then he was able to make it very clear that there were no hurt feelings: “I will love you forever, don’t distort it. It has changed my life forever. I don’t want to talk to you about it… but there is none of the negativity“.

A beautiful and Mongeau at the time of the novel (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

In October of last year, Bella had already done to prove that it was dating Anne, and the rapper Mod Sun, and at the same time. She also ended up with the guy?! Or is it only the job of a youtuber is open?! Already the fans are starting to question it….

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