Angelina Jolie is in love with the way that Brad Pitt is taking care of the children, ” says the web site


In SÃO PAULO, SP, brazil (FOLHAPRESS) – THE relationship between Brad Pitt, 56, and his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, 44, has been greatly enhanced. According to a source at the site, Hollywood Life, Angelina would be “blown away and in love,” by the way, how the player deals with all six of their children.
According to a source at the publication, the Interview, set up, and your house is a kind of toy, with the right of everyone to the same types of games as well as play. The kids had so much fun when you are with him.
Angelina will also be amazed at how often the Interview shows interest in participating in the school life of their children.
And when they’re all in it together, Pitt is the favorite foods of the children.
But that’s not always the sex was so good. So-called on the internet for the name of Brangelina, Jolie and Pitt met during the filming of the feature of the action of “Mr. and Sra. Smith” in 2003 and they began dating the following year
After ten years together, and two of the marriage, Jolie filed a request for a divorce in September of 2016, when he prayed for the custody of the children. The international media has pointed out at the time of the separation was motivated by the behavior of the Interview, which would be abused verbally and physically, the son of the older couple while on a trip in an airplane.
The couple went through a divorce a little bit more user-friendly. Angelina wanted to have the custody of the integral of the kids, as long as Pitt, and he wanted shared custody. Both of them are the parents of six children: Maddox, 18, Pax 15, And Zahara, 14, And Shiloh, 13, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 11.
It took two years of negotiations, in December of last year, it was announced that they have entered into an agreement. “The agreement, which is based on the recommendations of the evaluator, the custody of children, and eliminates the need for a trial. The action and the details of the settlement are confidential to protect the best interests of the child,” he said at the time, the lawyer of the Diamond, Samantha Bley DeJean, in a statement to Reuters.

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