Angelina Jolie prepares for revenge on Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston – on the Boil


The love triangle of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Aniston continues to be running a lot of ink.

The evidence about the re-engagement of a pair of actors in Hollywood, who has maintained a marriage, and in the years between 2000 and 2005, has led to anger Angelina Jolie, who has already vowed to get revenge. According to the press release of the international, Diamond “she’s tired of being the villain of the story, for the love of Pitt and Aniston”.

The actress, who has been involved in major controversies with her ex-husband, concocts a plan of revenge for all of those months of suffering and humiliation. On the day of ‘Evil’ that will bring a new lawsuit against Pitt for the purpose of racking up a few more millions to his fortune. “It’s possible that she will ask for millions more to take revenge on him.”to put an end to the guarantee that Diamond will not look to the media to the detriment of the ‘the ex’: “Angelina will be able to what he wants, or make his life miserable”.

In addition to this, Jolie is still determined to ruin the relationship with Jennifer Aniston. The international magazine claims that Jolie knows the secrets of the wedding of the Interview with the star of ‘Friends’ – the secrets that you wouldn’t want it to be released to the public. “He told Angie all the problems you may have with Jen -“said a source, referring to the fact that “right now, these conversations are vulnerable ??may be up to Pitt”.

In the Face of all the disadvantages, and the friends of the Pitt have already brought it to the attention of the artist is to not feed the flame Angelina Jolie and live in their new relationship with Aniston behind the scenes of the fame, to prevent a greater exposure of the public.