Approach by Chris Hemsworth, and the Escape of the Provisions, there is a danger that is around every corner


That is available on Netflix.

For her debut performance in the implementation of a full-length feature films, and Sam Hargrave are based on the graphic novel to Walk the Parks (Mexico) to make an essay lively style, mercenaries, honor, and conscience in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh turned into a veritable fortress to the baron’s drug spot.

The film director will be remembered as the coordinator of the dual of a many chapters of the Universe and Shared in the Marvel comics, especially those signed by the brothers in Russian (present as the producers and writers), such as Captain America: Civil War the last Avengers. On that note, the twist, or is expected to result in the same production, and the characteristics of the action one-shot cometidos there, but for the most part “crowded out” by the end of the Disney’s, and the most expensive franchises, award winning html and javascript, which here make up a rhythm and a personality.

It’s exhausting, but also fascinating, and the concentration of the action on a false flat-a string of 12 minutes, to mimic the idiosyncrasies of the more recent and it’s a video game, and there you can see the american market is increasingly cut to the same flagrâncias techniques (it is enough to show the result of the trilogy John Wick or even the recent Birds of Preynever forget In 1917, Sam Mendes).

In the case of a Extraction, the simple story of one man’s tender is converted into a mercenary Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth), who agrees to a high-risk mission – to rescue the son of a powerful drug dealer, the indian from the clutches of an influential, and cruel drug lord-of-Bangladesh – that’s more than enough to never lose the thread of the adrenaline rush of the siege, however, was created, as well as for the consciousness, wrapped in emotion, which was proclaimed by the main characters.

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Yes, and then the highlight of the simple to this The Extraction it is a work to be formally refined into a tray, for simplicity of argument, or in a resolution of your own to us. A virtuoso of the product in action, there is undoubtedly a certain bow to the peer bollywoodescos with your heart in the right place, thanks for the leads on to your agent as protagonist – Hemsworth – after all the encouragement from Taika Waititi (“Thor: Ragnarok the use of the perception of the actor to create the character) is becoming more and more a picture of the poster is interesting and complete.

As a first venture into the industry, and Hargrave is making a movie, rhythm on the passenger oiled, but it will never be reduced to a parolice standard. It is the action at in a state of grace, and at his most competitive. It would be a great experience on the big screen.

Hugo Gomes