Bella Thorne publish photos in tears after finding out that my ex-girlfriend will get married: “Girl, beautiful and special”


In addition to this, Anne has assured the fans that their engagement was not a hoax — the couple have started making videos together on your own relationship just a month ago, according to People magazine. Since we have announced the appointment of online, Anne has shared a lot of videos where it appears with the purpose of commemorating the new age, and engaged at the same time — with the influencer you are shooting a reality show for the MTV video music awards, which revolves around, well, her birthday is 21 years old. In Vegas, Jake, you surprised them with a cake of many layers, saying, “Home to me, Anne?”. At the top there is a decoration-giant in the ring shape of the engagement ring.

However, Twilight has shown that it does not keep the sorrow from Tana and his ex on Twitter. When it’s a youtuber, she asked Jake if he would to Anne to sign a pre-nuptial contract, because they have more money than her, the actress replied: “Jake, you need to subscribe to one of them.”

Bella said in February that the two had ended their relationship, after about a year of dating. “Anne and I are no longer together, please, please, please, please stop asking. We love you guys” he said to the fans. “I will love you forever, don’t mistake them. It has changed my life forever. I don’t want to talk to you about it” contributed to Anne on the subject. In addition, with the digital influencer and added: “There’s no negativity, no”. When a fan said he loved him, as long as they were happy, ‘ Anne said: “I’m not completely. This of course makes me broken-hearted. I will be strong. So it is, too.”

The actress has also wrapped up the affair with the rapper Mod Sun, with whom he remained for two years, at the same time, the Toll. However, along with it, things have not been so friendly. As we have previously said in a conversation with TMZ, Mod Sun, he revealed that the deal is not settled with Bella, and she even ought to money out of it. “I owe money, have businesses that are not resolved, the contracts are not signed. I’ve done a lot for this girl, and there’s a lot of stuff that has not been put in place in relation to the business, because I was in love with. The kind that Bonnie and Clyde, I was at the top [por ela]out , you know? This is no longer the case. It will be fixed, but we’ll probably have to go to courthe said.

At the moment, Bella’s boyfriend, and the song of the Italian by Benjamin Mascolo.

Life continues, isnt it?

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