Ben Affleck plays his charm on Kate Beckinsale


Ben Affleck plays his charm on Kate Beckinsale - Reproduction/Instagram

Ben Affleck would be taking to the top of Kate Beckinsale. According to the journal of the australian N the actor has a crush for his colleague as well as Pearl Harbor and, 18 years after work on it together.

A source told the publication that Affleck caught up with the actress recently, and it ‘is making it clear that you’re flirting’, she parted ways with Pete Davidson.

“Ben, you want more fun in your life, and acknowledge that the two would take a standing of a diversion with no strings attached, then you would see where it would lead, ‘” said the insider.

The source added: “They had a spark when they recorded together for many years, and he might have a bit of fun at the time. He’s counting on his charm-with-Kate – and it’s working! Even her friends think she should be given a chance to leave,” he said.

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