Bold Halsey, you want to make an album of all the songs on the more experimental


Halsey, you want to make an album full of the sounds of a more experimental, quite different from what has already been done in pop. She has even made some experiments in the latest release, and asked the fans if he should follow this line.

You want to know what she’s talking about? Just listen to this song. Well, the punk rock scene, she was Experiment On Me, to a soundtrack of the movie “Birds of Prey”. He also had a super-alternative “ a”), a partnership with the Bring Me The Horizon. In the end, you can’t forget their first single “Nightmare”, which was left off of the album “Manic”.

“I’d love to do an entire album in the vein of ‘the Nightmare’ and ‘Experiment On Me’,” she wrote on the social network. “I have to start a side project, or just play the f*is that?”, he questioned to her.

The fans are divided. Some fear for the success of business, others really want to get her to release her creativity.

When it launched the Experiment On Me”, Halsey wrote, “Song is the most crazy I’ve ever recorded”. In addition to the way it sounds, she is also having second thoughts on the way in which it is expressed, as an individual.

“Here I am now – impulsive, spontaneous, which is kind of ugly, getting to know a guy, a girl, to those who want it to be, and they will say, ‘I’ve never met anyone like you, I am becoming a different person’. I was just afraid of being bored, afraid of what they think that I’m a jerk. This year, I put my feet on the ground. I don’t care if the whole world thinks that I’m boring. I’m not going to kill me,” he said.

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And then, Halsey, it should actually lead to a change in the sound?