Brad Pitt does a great suspresa to your make-up artist


Along with the children’s program for Siblings at Work, Drew and Jonathan Scott, as well as his new tv show Celebrity, IOU, Brad Pitt, and I wanted to return to her make-up artist and friend, Jean is Black, and the gratitude he feels for her to be a part of your life and your career.

In a generous gesture, he picked Jean to present you with a complete restoration in his garage, turning the place into it, a guest house and a studio professional.

Jean Black worked with the actor for a long time, and there is a nice long very warm.

Supported by Drew and Jonathan, they will re-cast for the parking garage of a house that john owns in Los Angeles, taking advantage of the fact that she was away for a few days.

The results of the project turned out great and it was an emotional time for both of us.

“I’m well aware of how generous the Mall has always been,” Black said. “Your generosity has no limits, but this is more than I could ever imagine, and I’m so excited, I can not thank you enough. It’s just one of those people who I value immensely as a part of my life,” he said of the make-up artist.

The new format of the program, the brothers, Scott, assist by famous Hollywood to express their gratitude to all the people who have changed their lives and gave them makeovers.

Brad Pitt commends a friend who maquiou your butt
Brad Pitt participates in the program, Drew and Jonathan Scott

Friendship in the ancient

Most recently, Brad Pitt gave a revealing interview to tell me that one of her best friends is a make-up artist, Jean Black.

They had worked together in 1993 in the film ” Legends of the fall. In addition to this, the actor has revealed that the maquiá it into the film, and Jean gave a little something up your butt.

“When it comes up in conversation, you don’t even if you can’t look,” he said, affirming that the memory of that moment always makes you two laugh a lot.

The star has also commented on the relationship with the make-up artist.

“She’s in the family. “We are like brothers and sisters. She is someone that I cherish so much in my life,” he said, and he has been working in the Black in more than 40 projects.

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