Cheryl’s Wheels, says that the interest from the fans for the voice acting in it started with anime – News – Entertainment


Actress Cheryl’s Wheels took part in the program Connected the Radio Bandeirantes to talk about a little bit of her career as she is. Kathy reminded us that the dubbed actors such as Sandra Bullock, Meg Ryan, Julianne Moore, Julia Roberts, and Maria Antonieta de las Nieves, a Chiquinha, in Key.

“There’s no way to talk about voice acting, and not to mention the Keybut it all started… the ‘boom’ of the voice-acting in it started with the anime. It was only then that he had a lot of interest from fans as to who dublava whom,” he said in an interview with the journalist, Danilo, Gobatto (listen to it here).

“I went to the first event, which was here in São Paulo, at Av. Freedom. I was talking about Dragon-Ball-Z –the See also: Magic Rayearth, Pokemonbut by the time I got there, everyone was yelling, ‘Chiquinha’. So, it’s not going to change this. Don’t give in to talk about the voice acting, and not to mention a Chiquinha,” she said.

Cecilia has also said that it is not always to be invited to be playing the same show. “It should look something like this: you did the first one, do them all, but you can’t do this. At times, it is the same film that is dubbed in Sao Paulo, and another distributor in there and in Rio de Janeiro, is the other voice. Sometimes, we make the trailer for the film, and isn’t voicing the character. I don’t know why happens that, but, unfortunately, it is,” he said.

The actress also recalled how he came into the world of voice acting, even from a young age. “9 years ago, I made a movie in the theater and could not wait to see me in the movie theater. The director of the film, but I told him that I would still have voice-acting. I did not know that there was voice acting. For me, it’s my physique, my voice, my speech. So I said, ‘please, please, let me try it’. I have had good luck as well. The director of the Nelson Teixeira, Mendes said, ‘Let’s try it'”, he recalled.

“I knew all my lines to color, I don’t think the mechanism is [de dublagem] the studio was filled with joy. I have made other films, and had a kid, got me in contact with. It was a many trade for a tv, because it was not the direct sound. Dublei many of the commercial toys,” she said.

“Working in television, on stage, in film, the voice-acting was just one bill. Until I met my boyfriend. I have married a wife, and I opted for the voice-acting. In spite of the madness of the rat race, the film has no time for you to get started, and you’re done. Do not work on Saturdays and Sundays,” said Sally.

On the outside it still gave a tip for those who have an interest in working in the area. “It’s best that you do not have a voice strong, because you’re going to label it, and you will always do it [o mesmo papel]. The more neutral you are the voice, the more you are able to move and perform various types of character. I’m very suspect to talk about it, because I really like working with the voice,” finished.