Chris Hemsworth, the “Thor” sells horse manure at the mansion and million dollar


Chris Hemsworth may be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood today, with a lucrative contract with Marvel, but that doesn’t prevent the practice of the most humble people.

The artist I live in the heart of the us $ 80 million, but the exercises at the side of a work is unexpected for the fans.

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As reported by the Daily Mail, Hemsworth and sells it to the side of your home, the manure of the horses that live on the grounds of his home.

In a recent video shared by a friend and personal trainer, actor, the young Zocchi, shows the star carrying the bags of manure on to the road at the side of your home.

“Part of becoming stronger is a load of shit from a horse,” he says to the trainer, while filming the Hemsworth. “Let’s go! Go for it! Look at those arms!”

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