¡Demi Rose asks for time dead! Antje Utgaard it has happened with the size!


When Demi Rose was taking over completely of the grids with its size increased in each new publication, then it appears Antje Utgaard. Months ago thinking that someone could give competition to the british was impossible, but times change. In the photo it shows that there is a rival in height and can keep the throne if there is some type of neglect.

For those who do not know too much, Utgaard despite its 25 years, has experience as a model, since its beauty has appeared on the covers of major magazines and in calendars.

In the photo where it uses red undies, it looks to Utgaard bringing out all its powerful front. Here is where you question the size of Demi Rose, even as there are followers to ensure that their measures are lower.

The captivating face of Antje is a combination sublime between the united States, Sweden and Norway, which give a beauty unfathomable and enthralling at the same time. Are 1.8 million followers who have been surprised with her hot body.

In addition to the physical undeniable, it also has a personality that is fun and enjoyable, which is evident in their videos. The perfect balance to attract the faithful.

Antje Utgaard chase the dream

Modeling is her specialty, but Antje has in mind the to be able to consolidate as an actress. His plan is to grow as an influencer to get a chance in front of the cameras. Of time does not reach its great appearance, but their popularity is growing and that is the first good news that you need.

The truth is that Antje Utgaard it has everything you need to succeed in what is proposed. This would be another item with which it could position itself above Demi Rose in the comparative. It is not yet said the last word in this dispute models lush. We look forward to the response of the explosive Brummie that is sure to not stay in silence.