Did you see that, Millie Bobbie Brown as it is in the back of the hair short?


The actress pulled out all the extensions and it still gave a dark colour in the yarn!

Time to enjoy the holidays Millie Bobby Brown he decided to go to a apply to the hair, to leave it to the long wire, and so it was, for a time, but it seems that the actress has been missing in have to have of your head to short! For this reason, it was out of the extension, and with the help of the hair stylist Jacob Habib has returned to his traditional look that everyone loves you, and he took the opportunity to give it a darker color. This girl is gorgeous, any way you can

“I had so much fun giving it to Millie for this new look today. She went on to one of the extensions, and then feel it even with the short hair. It also smoothed it to the blonde to give her a look of hand-painted. Now, it’s more of a brunette with balayage, a hair with a root, a darker play,” said the expert in his profile in Instagram.

To make things better, it even has a make bapho yesterday, all of the blue way-marked! Folks, it looks like the Spot the ball hit on the full in the choice of the color blue for the upcoming year of 2020, one?! It’s becoming a trend in real. Yesterday, during the celebration of the 18th anniversary of the Ig Key, the birthday girl wore a shade very close to that. Did you see it?

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Rt, what did you think of the new hair cut, Millie?