Donald Trump criticized the victory of the Parasite, and Brad Pitt at the Oscars


The Oscar winner continues to give you nothing to talk about. Once you have mastered the search on Google, and maintaining a good box office even after the release on streaming platforms, The parasite he returned to painting the headlines with a statement of the president of the United States, Donald Trump – who not only critical to the long-Bong Joon Ho.

During a campaign rally in Colorado on this Thursday (20/02), in the U.S., Trump said to the audience: “just How bad was the ceremony of the Oscars this year, do you see?”, eliciting laughter from the audience. “And the winner is… A film from South Korea! What was that about? We already have problems in commercial catering with the republic of Korea. Here, we give them the award for the best film of the year? Seriously, that was a good thing? I don’t know… let’s See Gone with the Wind. You can have it back Gone with the Windplease , please, please?”, if you mean the winner of 8 Oscars in the 1940’s.

And it didn’t stop there, though. Ironically, the feat of a film in a foreign language, emphasized: “he is the best foreign language film, right? Best foreign language film… It’s already been done before?”, if you mean the category of Best International Film.

Not Brad Pitt, and escaped

Trump also spoke to the winner of the academy award for Best Actor in a Supporting role, Brad Pitt, who, in his acceptance speech, he made fun of the short period of time, which you would have to thank him, saying that it was a lot more than the one awarded to John Bolton, the former National Security advisor in the us to testify in the impeachment process. “I don’t think Quentin Tarantino would make a movie about it – after all, adults are doing the right thing,” he said at the time. Brad had a 45-second delay.

He rose to his feet and said to people to elaborate they say they are. He’s pompous,” said Trump, saying that he was never a fan of the actor.

The distribution of The parasiteNeon commented on the matter on Twitter, “is Understandable [que o presidente não tenha entendido o que foi o prêmio]. He doesn’t know how to read”.