Exitoína · Disney wants to Hailee Steinfeld as the protagonist of a series of energy-used


The web Site says that the actress has been invited to be in the new series from Marvel comics in Disney’s+ and-Kate Bishop

The mini-series of the Energy-Used To it will be shown by the markers in the Disneythe Disney+can be found by the main character.

According to the web site of the journal Andthe Disney offered him the role of the Kate Bishopapprentice to the Hawk-eagle the Archer in Marvel comics, the american actress and singer Hailee Steinfeldfrom the age of 22.

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The mini-series was one of the first productions of the Marvel comics for Disney,+, slated for 2021, will see the return of the Jeremy Renner as for the character of Clint Barton, the hero of the title. The last appearance of him in the Universe of Film from the Marvel comics he was in Upcoming Deadline.

According to the publication, for the procurement of Steinfeld may indicate a long-term plan for Disney, you can take the character in a series of their own, or participate in any other productions of the Marvel universe. In the comics, and we’ll give you the title of the Eagle the Archer and the hand of the very own Clint Barton, Who is a member of a group entitled the Young Avengers.

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Hailee Steinfeld became famous as an actress to be nominated in the 2011 academy award for best supporting actress for her role in the Bravery, Indomitableof the Coen brothers. In the past few years, it has been dedicated also to a career as a singer.

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