Fans to discover a simple tribute made by Jason Momoa on Aquaman


Jason Momoa is Aquaman (Picture: Handout)

The fans in DC told me about an awesome tribute you made for Jason Momoa in Aquamanthat appears to have been perceived until now. The first of the film’s hero, was released in the year 2018, but only this week, a few people have been commenting on for the simple details on one of the scenes.

The discovery was posted on Reddit, which is highlighted in the scene where the protagonist appears on the side of his father, Tom Curry lived in for Temuera Morrison. At the scene, they greet each other, and it is this action which would have the result of that for him. In the perception of the fans, and the mention of it would be an honour to the polynesian people, to whom the sun is down.

Check it out:

DETAIL: When greeting each other in the Aquaman (2018) Jason’s Mound, and Temeura Morrison decided to do the traditional Maori greeting of touching noses, known as the Hongi, to honor their Polynesian heritage. (x-post from DC_Cinematic

“When they first greeted each other in the Aquaman (2018), Jason Momoa, and Temeura Morrison’s have decided to take on a fulfillment of the traditional Maori and touching their noses, known as Hongi, in order to honor the lineage of the polynesians from them,” said one fan.


The second movie of the Tempest will feature the returns of Jason Momoa as the lead character, Patrick Wilson, the Master of the sea, the Amber Herad, as a Mere, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, as Black Manta. So long to the year 2018, the directors will be James Wan. Already, David Leslie Johnson, McGoldrick will sign the road map.

There are no further details disclosed so far, but it’s Patrick Wilson, who has been involved with the production told the Hollywood Reporter: “I can only say to you that even the concepts of ” Aquaman 2 is going well beyond anything that we had imagined. I have a few thoughts on the role of an Orm, but I can’t talk about it.”

And Momoa, author of the man of the seas it is also said that the new movie will be even more amazing. “There is a lot of stuff saved on a lot of levels,” said the star of the ET [via CB]. “It will be a lot of things. It will be a lot bigger!”, he talked without giving away too many details.

In the first film, to be released in 2018 at the earliest, it was a hit at the box office, grossing US$ 1,148 billion in countries around the world.

It is well to remember that Aquaman 2 it has a debut scheduled for the day The 16th of December 2022.