Fans to do charity, to celebrate the birthday of Katy Perry


Katy Perry has completed 35 years on the last Friday (may 25). To celebrate, a group of fans have organized a great online in order to raise funds to help in the Home Or in an institution that assists transgender people, and transvestites, on the street in Rio de Janeiro. The action to engage the attention of the various fan clubs of the singer, and in one day raised more than us$ 1.100,00.

The campaign was planned by Vanessa Simões, one of the fans, in association with the Portal-Katy-Perry-and, initially, it was intended to raise about$ 1 billion. The overshoot of the target that was being celebrated on Twitter, the official fan club. “Our hearts are extremely happy,” they write.

In an interview with the Young man’s Pan, Vanessa Simões, told me that the fans of Katy Perry are engaged with the first anniversary of the singer from a few years ago, but it was not organized for some audio-visual content, which has given rise to a celebration of the ‘more mature’ with the passage of time. “The majority of the fans have grown up with it, that is to say, the time and energy of the teenage years, they are not the same. But the people still would not like to see a day pass on the beat,” he said.

The charity is not a unique characteristic of the motion of the fan. Your-own-Katy-Perry-is concerned with the issues of humanitarian aid, and carries the title goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. With the project, she is traveling the world on missions for the sake of the health and education of the children in a situation of extreme poverty.

The action was planned to take place in just one day, but on Twitter, the site Katy Perry has warned fans that the action had already been written by the singer herself, and, on account of the flow of funds, has been put on hold until next Thursday (the 31st).