Gal Gadot promises to have the “shocking” in a Wonder Woman 1984


After a few years, far and away the movie, Gal Gadot will return as Diana Prince into Wonder Woman in 1984.

The much-anticipated sequel is poised to tell a story that’s brand new for the Princess of Themyscira and it seems that the stakes will definitely be higher.

The event is shocking

In a recent interview for Extra, Gal Gadot talked about how her character has evolved in the twenty years since the events of Wonder Woman, and pointed out an event that “will change the whole game.”



“It’s a lot more — you know, it’s out there, it is much more wise and mature, and it is lonely and it is no different. We see it at a different time in your life that you will never have. And then there’s crazy, that changes the whole game.”

With Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman 1984, and will arrive at cinemas on the 5th of June.