Gal Gadot you can be back in the franchise, Fast and the Furious?

The revelation that HanSung Kangis it alive in the first trailer for the Fast & Furious 9has left many fans of the franchise excited, especially those which argued in favour of the character to be deserving of justice. But the news comes with another question, what is to be done is that She has, the character of the Gal Gadotcan you return it?).

The character of Kang, that was introduced in the third feature, The challenge in Tokyothen he dies in a crash at the climax of the same movie. Han came back in the next film, however, because of the long 4, 5, and 6 ended up serving as a prelude to. At the end of the sixth film, the franchise was re-established and it is shown that, in the death of Han could not have been accidental, but rather a piece of Deckard Shaw, played by Jason Statham. When Shaw goes to the team with the team of DomVin Dieselon the 7th the film, fans of the character and the backstory was revolted with that the friendship you made with your suit.

The campaign for Justice for the Han … certainly that was one of the factors that encouraged them to return, but the main reason was the return of the chief Justin Lin at the command of the ninth movie. Responsible for the direction of 3 ° to 6°, long, Lin he began and ended the journey of a Han chinese, and have already explained that I brought the character back to exploring and solving the issues of the film which was directed by James Wan and F. Gary Gray.

One of the reasons that made Han’s character is so beloved he was of his charismatic relationship with the Supermodel. Introduced in the fourth film, the character also has a tragic end in the Fast & Furious 6, when you throw an airplane at take-off, to save the Han, during the battle at the end, and is deemed to be dead. But with the return of the Han chinese in the ninth movie came out to prove that nothing is final in the Fast & Furious.

It is worth noting that Letty, the iconic character of the Michelle Rodriguezit was given as if she were dead, and even earned a part in a funeral in Fast & Furious 4. And, as if that was not enough to speculate that She may still be alive, Owen Shaw, played by Luke Evansalso , it was also released by the aircraft in the same battle, and in spite of falling into a coma, survived the crash.

The chance of survival She has, in fact, is in the hands of the studio that is responsible for launching the film career of the actress who was to become the Wonder Woman. Fast & Furious 4 it was the first feature film in the career of Gadot-and, 11 years later, it will be more difficult to scale it up. In the year 2018, the israeli got on the top 10 list of the actresses better paid of Hollywood, and, by the year 2020, will launch a Wonder Woman 1984. In order to please the fans and to meet Han with his love interest, the team would have to make a heavy investment.

Watch Gal Gadot in the Fast & Furious 9 it may be difficult, but it can also be the return of the Supermodel to be dependent upon the performance of the film at the box-office as the 10 th long, has already been secured and will be Justin Lin in the direction of. A fate that could have been fatal, but it can also be reversed, with the return of Gadot, can be solely dependent on the budget.

While nothing is announced, fans can celebrate the return of the Han period, and the start of the campaign for the return of the Supermodel.

Under the direction of the Justin Linthat led to a franchise from the third to the sixth film, the film will be Vin Diesel, John Cena, Charlize Theron, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, and Helen Mirren.

Fast & Furious 9 you have the premiere scheduled for May 22,.