Get to know the brand of the underwear of choice for Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston it is very good at letting the internet into a frenzy, whether it be by revealing their beauty products are your favorites, or add up a million followers on Instagram, it is important to stress, just five hours and 16 minutes, once you have signed up to the platform.

However, the revelation is the latest in the show promises to exceed any of these cases, once you have shared all of your preferences as far as lingerie is concerned. It all happened during an interview conducted by the Sandra Bullock the american magazine “Interview”.After listing all the tags that belong to all of the pieces that he wore on that day, the star he chose a few panties Hanky Panky.

The information is surprising, but it’s a choice in and of itself, is not. The parts are so well prepared that they have won several “Undie Awards” (a sort of Chief of the underwear), and, in addition, they are also registered as a “The World’s Most Comfortable Thong ® The Thong is Most Comfortable in the World”, in free translation). In fact, one of the models, in their Original Rise Thongs, sell out globally in just 10 minutes, thanks to a design that is super soft and stretchy.

The result: there is a list of the fans of the illustrious. In addition to Jennifer Aniston, too Rihanna, Cameron Diaz and Sonny & Cher it will be the regular customers of the brand.