Henry Cavill appears in a costume that is unusual for Superman in the new image; see


Henry Cavill wants to continue as a Superman movie. The actor has said on several occasions.

I think of it, the fans know that J. J. Abrams, according to the point of rumors, may end up producing or directing a movie, the hero of the AD. The film has had a project cancelled, with the player character.

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Good-bye, Henry Cavill: the Actor of the Fast and the Furious is in the new Superman look

This is from Superman: Flyby, that would give you a history of the origin of a completely new Man of Steel. The plot, for example, would a Lex Luthor as an occasionally escapes to target.

The digital artist is identified as a Jscomicart on Instagram decided to show you a tip for the film was cancelled. In the picture, it’s not official, you get a costume that is unusual and, of course, Henry Cavill wearing it.

Check it out below.

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The DC-do not know yet what will be the future of the ‘Superman’ in the film.