Henry Cavill is still Superman, the perfect place for DC – here’s proof


After the success of Aquaman, and captain marvel!, the DC to realize that the path to success involves leaving the somber tone of his previous films.

With this, the residence of Henry Cavill in the role of Superman, he was questioned, now that the sun is part of the old leads of the film, which had a tone which was more “dark”.

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In spite of the uncertainty, Cavill has already said that he wants to continue to live in the character in the movie theaters, ” and ” The Witcher, a new series with a star in the Series, but it is a perfect example of how it should continue to be the Man of Steel.

The CBR has talked about how The Witcher strengthen Henry Cavill as Superman in the DC.

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After the departure of Ben Affleck in the role of Batman, the rumors about the possible departure of Henry Cavill also appeared. Even with the failure of some of the films in the DC such as Justice League of america – it’s good to be reminded that, Cavill was always a very good Superman.

The big issue has always been important. Man of Steel (2013), an Superman, the dark – even to kill his enemies, he was brought up, and while that is controversial, nothing is the fault of Henry Cavill, who plays Clark Kent in the best way they can.

Of all the moments in which the character expresses itself as a symbol of hope and justice, Cavill is able to give the emotion needed for the character. In The Witcher, this tone is repeated, with Geralt of Rivia.

Geralt is also someone who lives in a world where the people around you don’t understand it, and yet he still chooses to do the right thing. It is protecting Yennefer, that Geralt finds his humanity in The Witcher.

These interactions between the couple, to remind us how the character is his humanity, but eventually accepts her place, the one which draws the most parallels between the two characters.

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Henry Cavill, if you can’t be doing very well, playing the hero is silent, it can represent hope in a few steps. If he’s got a good script on your hands, surely you’ll be able to, to be a good Superman in the movie theaters. It just needs a good opportunity.

The 1st season of The Witcher is available on Netflix.