here are the esnobados, and surprises of the Oscar-2020


With the announcement of nominees for the academy award for 2020 this Monday (the 13th) brought with it several surprises.

Many things taken for granted on account of awards in the previous they ended up esnobados. Other names of the little-spoken ended up getting on the final list.

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We watch Cinema we have listed all the major twists and esnobadas from the Oscars to the year 2020. Let’s start with the most likely given that they were esnobados for the money.

Acclaimed actor and winner of two academy awards, Robert De Niro was left out of the award by the year 2020. The protagonist of The Irish language, De Niro went on to lose the space in the category of Best Actor, which was well-attended this year.

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Actress and Oscar winner, Lupita Nyong’was completely snub for his great performance in the Us, Jordan Peele (Run).

The other darling of the Academy, Christian Bale was also out of the race for the Best Actor award at the. It was used in the film, the Ford vs Ferrari, who has received several nominations in the academy awards the year 2020.

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Jennifer, Lopez, was taken for granted in the category of Best Supporting Actress. The actress has been nominated for The Coup-makers at the Golden Globe awards and the SAG Awards, but it turned out to be completely overlooked at the Oscars the year 2020.

Rocketman, the highly acclaimed cinebiografia of Elton John, he was mostly ignored at the Oscars the year 2020. The film only gained a nomination for Best Original Song.

And the Oscar for 2020 can be seen as controversial by the absence of the director and the women in the category of Best Director. With the five men nominated, the award has ignored Greta Gerwig, the director of the Lovely Women, Lulu Wang, for The last night, and Marielle Heller for A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

In the past year, only men have been nominated for the academy award for Best Director. That is, two years in a row for the Academy not recognizing the work of women directors.

Darkness 2 is another name that is considered as a right in the category of Best Animation. In the end, the film, Disney turned out to be esnobado at the Oscars the year 2020.

Adam Sandler was one of those listed in the category of outstanding lead Actor in a film Jewels by the Gross. The sun was esnobado for the Oscar in the year 2020.

Eddie Murphy was also named to the Best Actor category of the Oscars in 2020 for the film, hello, My Name is Dolemite, from the Series.

Right now, we’re going to talk about all the big surprises of the Oscar to the year 2020.

She is Going to, in The Case of Richard Jewell, ended up winning an amazing prize nomination in the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in the year 2020. The actress ended up taking a job that many thought that it would be Jennifer Lopez.

Tom Hanks wasn’t nominated at the Oscars for the past 19 years, but this time the acclaimed actor has returned to the prize pool in an amazing manner, and can be used for the category of Best Actor in a Supporting role, for it was A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

Scarlett Johansson has managed something very rare at the Oscars the year 2020. The actress has been nominated for two roles at the same time, in two different categories. This is not the first time since 2007, the same year that Cate Blanchett has managed the same feat.

For the Story of a Marriage, and Scarlett received a nomination for the award for Best Actress. By Jojo the Rabbit, it was mentioned in the Best Supporting Actress category.

Saoirse Ronan has proven once more as one of the biggest rising stars in Hollywood. By the age of 25, the actress won her a fourth Oscar nomination for the Lovely Women, the film for which she is competing in the Best Supporting Actress award.

The animation For the Series, it was the other big surprise of the Oscars to the year 2020. A few people were betting that the movie, “steal” a place of Darkness (2), but in the end, Klaus ended up being nominated for the Best Animation in the place of a long Series.

Super hero movies tend to be esnobados at the academy awards, but the Joker has a history of that time. The film was the film with the most nominations at the academy awards, being reminded of the 11 categories. And with that, the Joker becomes the film’s hero with the most nominations at the awards, besting Batman: The Dark Knight (2008), which was nominated in 8 different categories.