In a chat with a best girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, reveals a preference for the unusual, about the partner in the intimacy; check it out!


In bed with Kylie Jenner,… ” Or something like that! Lol is This Friday (3), and the patients took part in a live-on-Instagram-with a friend Stassie Karanikolaou, and he answered the questions well, unusual in the scheme, “would you rather do this or that.”

For a more intimate relationship with the mother of the little Stormi answered, if you would prefer to have sex with a man who had the strange accent, or the one that remained completely silent during the ‘vuco vuco’. The first of the double laughed, very much a question sent in by a fan, but the billion dollar don’t done twice, and said: “I would prefer it to be completely silent,”.

“Are you serious?”if I was BFF with the daughter of Kris Jenner. “Not at all! I don’t put up with a strange accent”delivered Effects. “At least he had a strange accent of course. If he had an accent, it will be fine”he talked about the situation with the dummy.

Kylie Jenner has appeared with the short hair in the live-this-Friday-Monday (3). Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

His sister, Kendall Jenner, has made clear that it would be embarrassing to be with a partner who has no other way to speak exclusively to him on the bed. “If he didn’t have an accent, and when we do get intimate, he begins to speak in a strange accent… ” Absolutely not”, he said. Watch it in the minute 5:39 pm.

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