It still comes back as the Black Widow after the film the floor? Scarlett Johansson opens up for the game


For the last 10 years or so, Scarlett Johansson has given birth to the Black Widow in the Universe of the Cinematic Marvel universe.

In the Stars: Ultimate, the character’s finally found the end of the journey, a sacrifice, a rush for getting the gem of the soul.

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But even with this sacrifice, Black Widow will be back for their film, solo, which will consist of a history yet to be discovered by the earlier of their death.

The biggest question that remains is if, in some way, Scarlett will return to the stage after the film.

Speaking to Empire about his time as a character in the Marvel comics, and this appears to be the final, Johansson has hinted that it will not turn back on:

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“I think it’s going to take some time to get over. It has been a constant in my life for over a decade. In every 18 months, and returned to the family, and continuing this journey with all of us…

I think all of us probably have mixed feelings about that, at least in the specific scenes, but I really felt a sense of accomplishment.

I feel that I’m tired of this all the time. Do I really have to go to all those places that feel uncomfortable, and to explore some hidden corners of it.”

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The Black widow would come to the theatres on the 30th of April, but was postponed for an undetermined period of time due to the coronavirus.