“It’s strange to promote something that, in the midst of a period so heavy” – the Notes – Glamurama


Selena Gomez || Credits: Play

Selena Gomez decided to donate a portion of the proceeds that you get from here on out, with the deal of merchandise in its official web site to fight against the coronavirus. As was announced in Thursday, in his official account on Instagram, the singer has chosen a newly created fund, MusiCares COVID-19 in Relief, as the beneficiary of the money to be collected from the products, which include t-shirts, and jewelry, with values ranging from US$ 30 (US$ 153,30) and$ 45 (US$ 229,95).

They are all part of a new collection that she recently launched, and in the face of risk experienced by the whole world, at the time it had its purpose in the review. “It’s kind of weird to promote something new in the midst of a period so heavy for us, but I also believe that it is a good opportunity to remind each other that we need to get through this together,” Gomez explained that for the Calls.

The t-shirts, bijous, and the like, are all based on only two tours of the artist’s “Bad Liar” he has done up to now, the “Stars Dance Tour”, which ran between August 2013 and march 2014, and the “Revival Tour”, which took place from may 2016, and in August of the same year, which raised US$ 20.3 million (Us$ 104,7 million and$ 35.6 million (Us$ 181,9 million), and attracted a public of about 280 thousand to 300 thousand paying customers, respectively. (For The Anderson’s Market)


Below is the video of the Service on the Calls that it contains the proclamation of the good deed: