Jason Momoa, the Tempest, is a video in the bath tub, but will the fans fall this year and see!


The actor Jason Momoa, the Aquaman in the DC area, loves to interact with fans on social networks, but this time he topped himself.

On Instagram, the star of Aquaman, he published a series of videos taking a bath and playing with the bubbles from the soap. Check it out below.

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In one of the movies, the star has fun in the bath with the sound of classical music. On the other, it appears to be reading from the book “Standing In Front of the Stage” the inside of the tub.

For the fans of the Jason Momoa will, as always, were impressed with the beauty of the celestial body. Check out some of the responses.

As the “mother of heaven!” This man is wonderful.”

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The actor in the Tempest, appears as a villain in the Marvel comics, in the video, and you can see it!

“Don’t do this to me, Jason!”.

“So, this is what Aquaman does when he is in the Ocean.”

Aquaman 2, Jason Momoa, hits theaters on the 16th of December, in the year 2022.

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