Karen Gillan, glenn hughes, ‘the Avengers’ meets fans at the airport in Sao Paulo


Karen Gillan
Karen Gillan, Glenn Hughes (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

On Monday (the 13th), actress Karen Gillanof the franchise, ‘the Avengers’, has landed at the airport of Guarulhos, in Sao Paulo, brazil. Stylish and friendly, with the famous met some of the fans on the site.

At the time, she was still friendly to him. Gillan, glenn hughes, also known for work on ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, ‘Jumanji’ and ‘Doctor Who’. For the first time, the famous, has been in Brazil to promote the movie ‘Jumanji: the Next phase’.

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In the past year, the actor, in Riverdale, Lochlyn Munroshe has participated in a cocktail party held in the neighborhood of Jardins, in São Paulo. To him, they listened to their fans, so friendly and helpful, came in to speak about their involvement in the Horror of the Expo, which was held in October. Munro is best known for his work on the ‘The As Branquelas‘ and The whole World is in Panic‘.

In the past year, Karen, who made it to the Nebula into Stars, he said to the fans to bring tissues to the theater. “The people were to bring wipes or diapers to the movie theaters. The diapers are because the film is over three hours long, and you need to stay in the room because it is a very good thing,”he joked about in an interview.