Karen Gillan, the Stars, and Jumanji, arrives in brazil and meets the fans, 13/01/2020


The actress, Karen Gillan, glenn hughes, is currently in brazil to promote the movie Jumanji: the Next Phase, which debuts next Thursday, the 16th of January on here.

The british landed today at the international airport of Guarulhos, in Sao Paulo, brazil, and has squandered the sympathy of the meet the fans that waited for them there.

Lucas Ramos / AgNews
Image By: Lucas Ramos / AgNews

Gillan is well-known for the role of Nebula, who played in the movie franchise ‘ Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers team, and to play Amelia Pond in the series Doctor Who.

In Jumanji: the Next Phase, the continuation of the film in the fall of 2017, she plays the role of Ruby in the Roundhouse, one of the “avatars” that are the protagonists of the long take in the first game of the title.

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