Kate Beckinsale gives this cute mother… who is completely bowled over!


The mother of Kate Beckinsale, the actress Judy Loe, was surprised with the gift of a child.

On Friday, the 6th day of march, Kate Beckinsale has celebrated 73 years of the life of the mother, also an actress, Judy Loe. To mark the anniversary, the british actress has decided to give the mother a picture of her mother, a gift that has ceased, Judy Loe gasped.

“Rufus Gerrard-Wright is able to capture a person in a way that is so gentle and shining. I got a portrait of my mother, because it is always her who takes the pictures, and it almost never appears in them,” writes Kate Beckinsale on the set of images in which it is possible to see a reaction of surprise from his mother.

The main character of the saga “Underworld” also shared a reaction to the fun of your mother. “Oh, My God, it seems that all my teeth fell out in surprise and joy,” will commented, Judy Loe, and when you see the pictures.

You see, right now, to the pictures shared by Kate Beckinsale in the photo gallery we have prepared for you.

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