Kate Beckinsale reveals a conversation is disturbing your daughter


Kate Beckinsale reveals a conversation is distracting, with his daughter Playing Instagram

Kate Beckinsale brought to the Stories is an excerpt from one of his talks that are disturbing you with their daughter, Lily Mo Sheen’s 20-year-old.

The actress, 45-year-old has had a strange dream, with his daughter, that she had been consuming the drug, and decided to compare it with a lot of text messages.

“You’re snorting a lot of cocaine?!?”, Beckinsale said to her daughter, who she shares with actor Michael Sheen.

She was confused:

“Huh .. ?? I am consuming a in 0. cocaine. What’s going on here?? Hello??”, he wrote to the teenage girl.

“You can’t tell me to do this, and then go into the silence,” if you upset Her.

Beckinsale later said:

“I had a dream that you were [consumindo] and I was very, very angry”, to which she said, “You’re a lunatic”.

When you share a picture on Stories of Instagram, the actress said:

“It’s worth checking out if you suddenly have to become a fortune teller in the dream.”

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