Katy Perry is grateful for the support in 2019 and tells you: “you have the most in 2020”


Katy Perry took a little while, but it ended up posting to her “wrapped corner” on Spotify, in 2019, to round it all out in the numbers, your performance on the platform of the internet. By releasing three of the singles, previously unreleased, and two of the collaborations, it has won a 1.4 billion-of the streams, and 101.1 million subscribers. See the following:

In the caption, she hinted that fans can expect even more launches for the year 2020. “See, I was not impressed. It made me smile! I hope I will be able to return the favor, even more so in 2020. I love you guys, you guys,” she wrote.

By the looks of it, I should take a break from their careers. Some of the fans have understood the message in a more profound way, and they took it for granted that you have an album on the way. It is, of course, nothing is confirmed yet.

By 2019, the singer has released “365” (with a Grove), “Con Calma” (with Daddy Yankee, and Snow), “Never Really Over”, “Small Talk” and “Harleys in Hawaii”. The biggest hit was “Never Really Over”, reached the top 15 in the stop, the Billboard Hot 100, in addition to receiving a certificate to be given by sales in the United States.