– Kevin Hart is raw’s R$ 240 million with a plan to record the sexual encounter – 16/09/2019


Comedian Kevin Hart is being sued by Montia Sabbag to have planned to record a sexual encounter he had had with her at the hotel. According to TMZ, in the process, it will be$ 60 million — the equivalent of R$ 240 million or so.

Sabbag states in the lawsuit that they meet in the fall of 2017, with the actor it was designed by Hart and his best friend JT Jackson, who was later arrested for the robbery. The woman claims that the motivation to publish any of the images to be advertising to, and even more so with the tour that he would be doing in the months to come.

According to the lawsuit, Hart allowed that he walked into his suite at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and so that they are able to hide from a camera. Later, after attempting to extort from the Hart so that it does not disclose anything about the movie.

Hart has already stated numerous times that he has no knowledge of the existence of the video, saying that he, too, was a victim of Jackson. In September 2017, the player has apologized publicly for having been unfaithful to him.

At the time, Hart’s wife was expecting a baby. “That was my moment of silly,” said the star during an interview with the TELEVISION program, The Breakfast Club, etc. “This is not the best time of my life. Where do you go to bed, and you will not be able to ask, ‘what was I thinking?’, I wasn’t thinking at all.”