Kristen Bell will direct the episode, in the season 4 finale of The Good Place


In production since April, with the second season of the The Good Place will have a new address: Kristen Bellwhich he lives the main character is Eleanor, Shellstrop, will, one of the 13 episodes is unique. There are still no details on the plot of the chapter in question, but this is the first time the Bell on the job.

The story follows Eleanor, Shellstrop, a woman who, after dying in a freak accident bizarre, thought to have been sent to heaven by mistake, and he was afraid to be discovered. However, we soon find out that things are more sinister than she was expecting.

The Good Place returns is still, in 2019, no date set yet. In Brazil, the show is broadcast weekly by the Netflixwho has the other three times in the book.