Kylie Jenner gives the details of his diet, because food unusual, and reveals a desire that I had during the pregnancy: “it would be a problem; watch this!


How is the diet of Kylie Jenner? All except the one that you have always imagined! In a special video for the magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, of which she is the cover of the march issue, the manager explained how the power in the day-to-day, ranging from the tricks to healthy up to the age of habits and the more “wrong”.

List a-list-of-crackers, and chips and cheese, she told me: “I’m going to have to admit that I am addicted to snacks”. Contrary to what many may think, Has come from it all, without so many frills. “I really would have it all, at least it would be something like the squid-thing, or something with legs, or something, that he was still alive. You probably wouldn’t eat it,”he said.

Kylie Jenner has revealed that it will not eat living things with their legs, and so on. (Photo: Play/YouTube)

The most common in your diet is bone broth – a broth, enough-protein – mixed with lavender and lemon, or the juice of the celery. “I have been drinking more than two glasses per day”has revealed about the first thing you eat in a day. “I have, like, a drawer full in my fridge just for celeriac (celery root), raw, to make the juice freshshe explained in the following. Not to mention the tea and coffee, which she said he is passionate – especially in a latte with vanilla, or peach tea.

Going to a cházinho there? Kylie Jenner was told that it has been trying to reduce the number of coffees and teas that you take on a daily basis. (Photo: Play/YouTube)

A billion dollar also exhibited what is in your culinary cheap with a favorite: the hamburger from the fast food. “When I was pregnant, I needed to eat an In-N-Out [rede de fast-food] at least once a week. It was a problem.”recalled. In addition to this, it is also not forgotten about the japanese food, that is your choice, when you don’t cook dinner for her, and Stormi: “I probably like the sushi too.

In the midst of the options are greasy, such as the mexican, Has also talked about his passion for the pomegranate seeds. This is the wave that is healthy, the winner of Kylie’s Crafts has also unveiled the trick is to not eat crap early in the morning: “I plug it into my tv, and I’m very comfortable, and the invention of a apple, which is next to my bed… because I’m too comfortable, it’d probably be too lazy to go down to the kitchen, so my only option is that apple,”. Wise, wasn’t it? Lol Check This Out:

Well, in the us, Has revealed that “If there’s a guy that’s hungry, it would be my own. I would have been in the face of hunger,”. And it is this desire to eat has also happened to my daughter. “And Stormi have [essa cara] also, because of this little girl. I know it’s a little bit of a hunger, it’s a baby, well, different, he said.

You would find the bone broth, the broth, added favoritinho Kylie Jenner? (Photo: Play/YouTube)

It’s no coincidence that the herdeirinha Jenner was caught up in anticipation of food. “I’m always thinking about what this little girl dreams of? We were all asleep, and he awoke out of his sleep, speaking type, and ‘bagel’. And I said, ” She’s awake?’. When I looked down, I was capotada, dreaming of bagels”reported to my mother. Us, you mean, Stormi… Who ever, isn’t he? Lol