Kylie Jenner is shocked at the display of his walk-in closet in bags with items that you can get to R$ 1.6 million. View photos and details of

It’s no secret that Kylie Jenner is the proud owner of a collection of extravagant designer bags. Your own business has already made a tour of the very impressive walk-in closet for purses, clutches and wallets by 2018, and interior designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard showed that, by 2019, of which she accumulated more than 400 carry-on bags in your collection!

This Sunday (the 16th), in order to give more details of your “inventory,” the mother-of-Stormi was shocked once again to his followers by posting pictures of your walk-in closet, separate by color, size, and brand.

Through the Stories, Has posted three pictures and a video of the store shelves fill up with all the biggest (and most expensive) designer labels in the market, including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Fendi, and Balmain.

The owner of Kylie’s Cosmetics showed that at least 20 bags of the type, the Kelly and the Birkin of the brand name Gucci, which are two of the most unique, perfect for collectors of fashion. Each and every one of which can cost up to US$ 10 billion, about$ 42,9 billion!

Among them, there are also models, such as ‘Crocodile’, which is so rare, it can be found on the website of the dealer in The “The Real Real” by more than$ 390 billion us dollars, of which R$ 1,67 million dollars. Yes, there is only one!

In the section of the black bags, there are still parts of the Saint-Laurent and Fendi, which can cost up to US$ 1.320 US$ 5,700 of each. Jenner is also a fan of the clutches, covered in a crystal of the brand Judith Leiber, and it has one in the form of man, and the other mimicking him with a roll of bills, which can cost up TO$ 5.495 and a$ 5.695, of which R$ 23 billion R$ 24,4 billion, respectively.

And then Kylie showed up with a present custom, that the little girl got for her birthday at the beginning of February, a bag, Louis Vuitton handbag, customized with a design of a “Troll”, in the drawing, a favourite of the little one, and her name on it. The price on the classic is US$ 1.680, – R$ 7.215.

“It looks that Khloé gave it to Stormi. I honestly can’t wait for our next vacationsaid she, as she showed in the play.

This is not the first item in the collection, Stormi! A little girl of two years and add in a handbag Kelly Hermes$ 20 billion, nearly R$ 85,9 billion, and is one of the Louis Vuitton handbag, US$ 2600 — US$ 11 billion. In its first year, the daughter Has also gained a built-in Chanel, DJ Khaled.

Following in the footsteps of the mom, right?