Leonardo DiCaprio is now the home of the model


Camila Morrone and Leonardo DiCaprio have been living together for quite some time. According to In Touch, the two share the house of the actor in Los Angeles for almost a year now.

The model of the 22-year-old actor of 45, have been together for over two years now. The first time they’ve been photographed in public was in February of 2018 at the earliest.

While the plans for the wedding are not yet on the table, and the model has recently confirmed that they are very close to each other, and happy.’

It should be noted that their relationship has caused controversy since the beginning due to the large difference in age of entry they are: 23-year-old, but the model and actress from argentina, does not take this into account:

“There are a lot of relationships in Hollywood and in the history of the world, in which people have major differences of age and older. I think that everyone should go out with whoever you want,” he said, acknowledging that he understands that this issue causes the comments, all the more so because DiCaprio is a star in the sky.

Who is Camila Morrone:

Ok, little by little, he opened his way in the world of work, and, most recently, was on tour promoting his new movie, Mickey and the Bear.

It is also part of the cast of the tv series, Daisy Jones, and The Six, so you can get Amazon Prime Video, by the year 2020.

DiCaprio and Brown met in the fall of 2017 by Al Pacino, as a mother, Wife, Lucila Polak, he was a companion of the actor for the next eight years.

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